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{BoB plushies!!!!

BoB quote of today: "They got a point, Skip....you're an idiot!"

Best sister ever = Roe PlushieCollapse )

Also - thanks Shannon/Web for the X-mas card, I got it today and it made me happy :D <3

I hope we get some new players soon...I'm gonna be really bored really soon thanks to no school (although I'm hitting up bartending school January 7-19) and I am trying not wanting to get sucked back into WoW...

OOC Post-er-ific

Anyone seen The War: A Ken Burns Film?

I really want to...but according to Netflix its in such high demand that there is a long wait...and for some dumb reason they won't send me Disc 2 or 3 (which are available) before 1.

Last day of classes! :D Woot...and now....finals.

Are vitamins bad to take if they're expired?

Role Call?

So I've got someone new interested in joining company_heroes (and she's awesome - loves Lieb like I do ^___^) However, problem is - and kinda has been for a while - not many characters are available.

I don't want to be rude or intrusive, but would be be a bad idea to kinda do a role call throughout 'the company' to see whose still interested in playing (even if they're like Luz who doesn't really have the time right now, but wants to keep the character), and whose kinda disappeared.

Just figure it'd be nice to have more than 5-6 of us running around in the same circle (and we always seem to looking for Winters.... ^_~) and to let some new people in, or let characters be played.

Since I'm new to the community still, I don't want to be outta line or intrusive to older members, so I figured I'd post my thoughts here first in my own journal before heading to the HQ.

What do you guys think? Opinions?


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